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Penkridge Chiropractic Clinic

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Stone Cross, Stafford Road
Penkridge, England ST19 5AS
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" I had been suffering from back pain since 2007 and couldn't walk or stand for very long,I had X rays, MRI scans and lots of painkillers only be told I had wear and tear, a colleague suggested seeing a chiropractor, I found Penkridge Chiropractic Clinic online with some really good Patient Testimonials, I made an appointment to see Jane and treatment started, from the first appointment I could feel the difference, I was really amazed with the results, I had an appointment twice a week for 3 weeks, I now see Jane every couple of months, Thanks Jane for helping me get back to normal life, without pain or painkillers."

Amanda September 2015

"I had suffered hip and back pain on my right side for 3 years,aching legs and abdominal pain and indigestion were some added symptoms.I went to Jane and after my examination a course of treatment and lots of advice were given. I  responded well to the treatment and also  did the exercises Jane gave me to improve my overall back health.All these things combined with excellent treatment from Jane have given me a pain free back and an active new life.Thank you Jane."      Hazel flatley age 38'

"For a number of years I have experienced considerable discomfort and pain with a neck problem. Having been referred to a specialist by my doctor and following x-rays and an MRI scan I was told that my problem was due to 'wear and tear' and little could be done other than to keep taking painkillers.

Whilst appreciating that there was no complete cure to my problem I decided to find out if there was anything I could do to reduce my discomfort and pain. Eventually I arranged a consultation with Jane Hvas DC at her chiropractic clinic in Penkridge.

The initial consultation consisted of a thorough physical examination, followed by a recommendation as to the best course of treatment to alleviate my pain. Initially I had an intensive course of treatment, which helped me a great deal and it both increased my suppleness and lowered my pain and discomfort. The improvement in my condition has continued, I now have further treatments as and when advised by Jane, and my reliance on painkillers has decreased considerably."

Hayden B (May 2008)

"I had suffered back pain for over twenty years but it was becoming more severe. I saw the advertisment in the local paper for Penkridge chiropractic clinic and as pain killers were no longer working I decided to book a consultation.

After a thorough examination I was offered a programme of treatment, I started treatment there and then and the relief was wonderful immediately. I completed the recommended course and now come back for check ups.

The clinic staff put you at ease and Jane explains exactly what problem(s) you have and what treatment entails. I really wish I had attended years ago but all is good now, I can stand, walk, get out of a chair, bend to do my filing at work and to put my tights on!"

Hazel Partridge (May 2008)

"I arrived at the Penkridge Chiropractic Clinic in January 2009 in a lot of pain, a trapped nerve and low back and neck pain. After 8 weeks of treatment I have a great improvement in my condition. this has given me a better quality of life and a general well being also. I would recommend Jane to anyone with back and neck problems."

Jean Allsop aged 81 (March 2009)

"I came to the Penkridge Chiropractic Clinic with neck pain and very limited range of movement. I had an injury in May 2007 where I had a fall onto concrete and hurt my neck. After 2 months of treatment, the improvement has been considerable. The pain has almost disappeared and I have lots of movement in my neck. It has made a great improvement to my life."

Greig Taylor (March 2009)

" Following the past three weeks of my visits to your clinic I feel the service has provided myself with a better quality of life regarding my condition.

The techniques provided such as accupuncture, manipulation of my back and shoulder has been therapeutic and improved my ability regarding walking and general mobility along with relieving severe pain that I have suffered in past times.

I feel your service has been beneficial to myself and I would not hesitate to recommed yourselves to others. I would like to thank you again for your services as I found you open and friendly

P.C (October 2009)


For twenty odd years I had been troubled with lower back pain

Then in the local paper I read of a Chiropractic lady named


Who it appeared could help people like me

So an appointment I made this lady to see

At our first meeting my past medical history she needed to know

and a further examination revealed that I would have to go

for a number of sessions it would probably be

Before my problem an improvement I would see

So after a few hands on visits I am so very pleased

To report my back problem and pain has considerably eased

Because of my work through the years this injury will not totally

go away

So four times a year I visit this charming lady and am

always happy to say

Thank you for the relief this treatment brings

I can now carry on with life's every day things

Like playing with grandchildren whenever I may

and being without pain at the end of the day


I am a 17 year old girl who had been suffering with headaches for 6 months. The doctors had said I had migranes but I was not convinced. After having seen Jane I was told I had injured my spine near my neck after carrying a heavy rucksack. Jane has given me several treatments and has now corrected my problem. Within a few treatments my headaches went and now have none at all. I see Jane for treatment every few months and would highly recommend her. She is very sensitive and kind and I have full trust in her.

Thanks to Jane I have great posture and no problems with my neck and head now.


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We strive to provide complete care for our patients.

We offer free spinal screens for people not sure if chiropractic is right for them. This is a brief examination whilst fully dressed.

Consultation ( full medical history taking and orthopaedic and neurologic examination to determine what is wrong and whether chiropractic treatment is appropriate) £27  

XRays (we have a full digital X-Ray suite in case clinically indicated) £70 per area

Treatment £33 per treatment

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Patient Testimonial

"Excellent treatment from Jane has given me a pain free back and an active new life. Thank you Jane."

Current Patient-
Penkridge, England

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Penkridge Chiropractic Clinic
Stone Cross, Stafford Road
Penkridge, England ST19 5AS
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